Virtual Reality: Increase your exposure and direct bookings

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Photo by Samuel Zeller

Can virtual reality tours increase your website’s exposure… and direct bookings?

The answer is ‘yes’, especially when you’re using

VDroom’s patented ‘look-to-book’ platform.

Following the recent launch of this platform, which is the first VR platform specifically designed by and for the hospitality industry, our clients are now experiencing a marked increase in the number of visitors to these tours and other pages.

Over the last 2 weeks, the results are as follows at the Radisson Blue Badischerhof Badenbaden - Germany and at the Boutique Hotel A23 in Tel Aviv

  • Virtual tour traffic has doubled

  • The number of visitors from different countries has gone from 5 to 27

About VDroom:

With our experience in the OTA space (booking over $100M/yr. for hotels in the Netherlands) we understand how important organic traffic is to every hotel. That’s why we work so hard to position our clients on the first page of Google for their brand name and relevant activities in their area.

This SEO strategy, paired with VR, gives you a more experiential booking funnel, helping you build trust, increase engagement, and drive direct bookings, on-line.

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