VDroom FAQ

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Why does my hotel need a VR website? expand_more

A new virtual asset that lives and is promoted as a separate entity online, gives the properties enormous exposure they didn't get before. If you have one website, you get one ranking in the search engine. It's also been proven that 3D images convert twice as well as 2D images. By adding another 3D website, you double your online assets, gain new unique users and get the added value of using virtual websites - added user engagement and trust.

Can I Build a Visual Website if I Don’t Have 360° Images? expand_more


Do I Build the Website Myself? expand_more


Where Can I View My 360° Visual Website? expand_more

Your 360° visual website is viewable using any device - mobile, tablet, pc and VR goggles.

Do I Need VR Goggles to View My 360° Visual Website? expand_more

No, but you can enjoy a high quality immersive experience with VR goggles.

What Does Your SEO Service Include? expand_more

Dynamic submission and indexing of all 360° content to over 450 search engines and 300 directories and detailed analytics reports. VDroom developed a methodology that know to call the search engines instead of waiting for crawlers and this is one of the reason our clients get unprecedented exposure.

Where Can I See the Analytics Reports For My New Visual Website? expand_more

We provide this as part of our service.

How Does VDroom’s 360° SEO Service Differ From My Existing Service? expand_more

Each scene is indexed and ranked separately by automatic submission and linked your website for better conversion.

How Is 360° Content beneficial to My SEO? expand_more

360°/VR content is already given preferred ranking by search engines and many search engines have already added a 360° search engine - most notably Google.

Why Choose VDroom Over Other Solutions? expand_more

VDroom is the only solution that opens a new digital marketing channel. Everything we develop is adapted to online search engines' indexing. We have built a dynamic submission system that constantly reports to the search engines and promotes each URL separately both in 360° and in VR. VDroom builds and promotes your visual website. This innovative solution introduces an entertaining and fun way for hotel owners to increase their direct booking! With VDroom's 3D innovative digital marketing content management platform, you get to interact with your client, improve user engagement, build more trust and increase your revenues!

How Is This 360° Solution Innovative? expand_more

What you’ve probably seen are embedded players which have existed for years and where your guests are forced to go through every scene in the tour at a predetermined sequence. A 360° virtual website offers something new - an online asset that lives on the internet and gets its own ranking, a new relevance and a new additional position in the search engines you did’t have before. Each scene gets its own unique URL. It means that every image gets a ranking and you can use it in all your digital marketing activities.

Can I Incorporate 360° Content in My Digital and Social Marketing Campaigns? expand_more

Yes, you can.

Why should I Use 360° Content In My Digital and Social Marketing Campaigns?expand_more

360° converts twice as well as regular 2d content.

What Is the GoVR 360° Button?expand_more

The Go-VR Button is an easily embeddable symbol that directs guests to your visual website. For more information visit: link

Where Can I Place My GoVR 360° Button?expand_more

Anywhere you like. You can easily embed the button - just copy and paste. The more buttons you embed, the more your conversion rates and user engagement will improve.

How is VDroom different from Google Street View?expand_more

VDroom’s patented solution was created specifically for the hospitality industry to allow and encourage guests to book their stay directly from within the VR environment. The 360° tour is tailor-made to suit each hotel and to showcase the property’s best features - inside and out. Everything on Google Street View stays on that website. VDroom is the only company that has developed a tool which is attachable to any platform you want - you can export each individual virtual scene to all your online activities: E-commerce, Digital Marketing and more!

How is VDroom So Cost Effective?expand_more

VDroom’s solution allows you to increase your revenues as you save money on booking commissions by improving direct booking and conversion rates. The reason this doesn’t require you to make any large investment is because our team of professionals takes a few photos and builds you a three dimensional 360° fully immersive virtual reality experience! The process is very quick and easy, there is no app to install and no purchase needed.

How Do I Order One Of Your Professional Photographers To My Hotel?expand_more

It’s very easy - Just contact our team and we can schedule everything for you.

What Locations Is Your Service Available In?expand_more

Everywhere. We have a very large team of professionals standing by on every continent and in every country, ready and waiting to produce your 360° images.