Meta Gallery

Very often we are asked, can I embed my 360/VR site into my main website? 

The simple answer is: Yes.

Embedding your site in a IFrame is possible, however we have developed a new feature that is part of your project which is far better optimised to live within your site.

This feature is Meta Galleries.

When you publish your site, your galleries are automatically generated for you.
Each site can have 1 or more galleries and this is dependant on the number of pages you build into your site.

The galleries that are generated are:

Site wide gallery

This gallery contains all of your assets for your entire site, and is most commonly embedded on the home page of your primary website.

Page gallery

Every page gets a dedicated gallery which contains only the assets for that specific page. This type of gallery is usually embedded on a listing page.

For instruction on how to embed your meta gallery, head over to:
How to embed my Meta Gallery

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