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VDroom helps businesses increase revenue via 360 imagery and VR assets. VDroom was established by seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully led their previous OTA-based start-up from seed to exit stage. With offices in Amsterdam, Portugal and Israel, VDroom is a fast-growing company that prides itself on wholly-unique, patent-pending products that combine VR technology, 360-degree content and real-time responsive platforms.

Why VDroom?



VDroom's Smart 360° Gallery platform and additional products offer captivating user experiences that leave website visitors yearning for more. The hospitality industry caters to clients who seek care-free enjoyment and pleasure. With VDroom, they get what they want as soon as they enter your website.


Generating online traffic is important, but efforts may amount to very little without state-of-the-art conversion tools. VDroom's machine learning algorithms match potential clients with high-performing images, focusing on personalized user experience and smart product deployment to deliver instantaneous conversion improvement.


The hospitality industry is extremely competitive. Once potential clients visit your website, the only way they'll book a room is if you've made a lasting impression. Providing memorable experiences is essential for success. VDroom's gamification platform engages website guests in games, offers great prizes, and establishes early-stage trust and brand awareness. You won't be easily forgotten.


To enjoy what your website has to offer, your potential clients first have to find it online. VDroom incorporates search engine optimization and data-driven features that adapt seamlessly to effective online campaign technologies. All published content is immediately indexed and customized for your target audiences. Whatever it takes to attract more clients to your website.


Going global means more exposure. Exposure means more potential clients. VDroom's mini-site platform and subsequent landing pages are indexed by 450 search engines that cater to diverse populations. To enhance user experience, the Mini-VR-Site also comes with multi-language support.

Peace of Mind

As your online marketing efforts begin to peak, it's comforting to know that VDroom does a lot more than just deliver results. We supply comprehensive and effective 360°content management from our secure cloud-based platform, allowing you to concentrate on your core business with maximum piece of mind.

Our products

Mini VR Site
Smart 360 Gallery
VR Gamification


Traffic is Everything.

When it comes to online marketing, traffic is everything. At VDroom, we're utilizing our existing 360-Gallery infrastructure to create an innovative complementary product that helps attract more users to hotel websites. Meet the Mini-VR-Site.

  • Designed for SEO
  • Global Exposure
  • Campaign-Oriented

Smart 360° Gallery.

Innovation on Display.
To successfully market their establishments, hospitality businesses must invest in their online presence. As far as marketing tools go, there are few more effective than photo galleries.
  • Machine Learning Technology
  • Real-Time Optimization
  • Page Location


Get in to Win.
People are natural socializers, learners and achievers. They are constantly looking for new ways for self-expression. Therefore, it is not surprising that they enjoy games as much as they do.
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Enhanced Conversion Rates
  • New Lead Generation

Our clients

wyndham in 360 best western in 360 hotel berlin city in 360 days in berlin in 360 mercure hotel in 360 radisson in 360

Customer Feedback

Mr. Yair Carmel / Hotel Digital Marketing Expert

“VDroom’s 360 image Gallery Technology provides great value for our customers by increasing the the exposure in all channels”

Martin Van Noord / GM of Piet Hein Hotel
“This is the first time we have been able to produce long lasting user engagement that immediately motivated the clients to book directly with the hotel”
Amir Hayek / President of the Israeli Hotel Association
"Hoteliers want to inspire greater trust, to tell more about the hotel and to let guests experience the place and that’s what you get here!"


Israel office
Kodak building Hatnofa 7 Petack Tikva
Portugal Office
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